Contacting the Proton Therapy Center in Prague

If you have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and would like to know more information about proton therapy treatment in Prague, please refer to the materials below regarding the treatment process, information for your doctor and frequently asked questions.


Proton Therapy Center Prague 

Technical equipment of the PTC in Prague

The PTC has four treatment rooms (capacity 2500 patients per year) and is equipped with the cyclotron manufactured by IBA. We use the pencil beam scanning technique, which is the most precise form of proton therapy. Our centre is also equipped with a complex diagnostic examination system (MRI, PET / CT, CT, etc.) so that our patients can carry out all necessary diagnostic examinations and proton therapy treatments under one roof.

Additional notes

  • All treatments and examinations are usually performed on an outpatient basis
  • Hospitalization for children is required and provided by our partner University Hospital in Motol
  • Metal/ceramic parts in the body may be a contraindication for proton therapy
  • Pacemaker is a contraindication for proton therapy

International Client Service

At the PTC we understand that travelling for treatment can be a daunting prospect and we aim to provide the highest quality of care and assistance to our patients by providing the following services.

  • Quick reply to enquiries, usually within one business day
  • Once we have received the complete medical documentation, it only takes up to two business days to receive the reply from our medical team regarding suitability for treatment, number of fractions, etc.
  • Our treatment coordinators speak: English, Czech, German, Italian
  • 24/7 support for patients undergoing treatment
  • During treatment, patients are supplied with a Czech cell phone to use in case of an emergency
  • Patients are provided with a transportation pass, which allows them to travel for free around Prague
  • Constant face-to-face assistance throughout the entire treatment process
  • Help with flights, accommodation, transportation
  • Airport transfers are included in the treatment package and organized by our treatment coordinators
  • Upon arrival, the patient is greeted personally by one of our treatment coordinators. The patient also receives a “welcome package” with our PTC International Guide, a map of Prague, and a Lonely Planet guide.
  • Help with obtaining a visa by providing an official document proving that the patient is coming here for treatment.